ClearSQL 6.9 (Release 9)

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May 25, 2017


  • NEW : Recycle Bin in the Project Tree:
    • Ability to move unnecessary project items to the Recycle Bin by drag&drop or by clicking the corresponding pop-up menu command.
    • Ability to restore items from the Recycle Bin back to the project with one click.
    • Ability to quickly locate the “Recycle Bin” node by clicking “Locate Recycle Bin” on the “Project” menu.


  • Core
    • Full support of UTF-8 encoding.
    • Support of stored program overloads.
  • Code Review Rules
    • Improved layout of a hint shown for violated Code Review rules. Implemented on the “Code Review” tab of the Project Analyzer View and on the “Summary” tab.
    • The first rule in the “Top Violated Code Review Rules” list is now automatically highlighted on first opening of the “Code Review” subtab at “Project Analyzer View | Summary”.
    • New Code Review rule:
      • “Trigger may potentially cause mutating table error.” This rule checks if the trigger code source and all its Call Trees have links to the same mutating table.
    • The rule “Specify a full column list (as opposed to using “*”) in each DML statement and cursor” no longer raises violation for the SELECT…INTO statements that have only one INTO variable which belongs to %ROWTYPE of the same table as in the FROM clause.
    • The “Local program unit reference to an external variable” rule no longer raises a warning for references to constants that are globally defined in package bodies.
  • Code Analyzer
    • Improved Call Tree diagrams for Oracle Form triggers.
    • Improved calculation of Halstead Volume and other Halstead Complexity measurements.
    • Cyclomatic complexity is now counted for PL/SQL blocks.
    • Anonymous blocks now have indexes in the Code Analyzer results if there are several blocks in the script.
  • Diagrams (Flowcharts, Call Trees, CRUD Matrices)
    • All Call Tree diagram blocks are now clickable in the window opened from CRUD2 type matrices.
    • The number of datasets and stored objects is now shown for CRUD2 type matrices.
    • It is now possible to view a Call Tree diagram in a pop-up window by clicking a corresponding link on the “CRUD2 type MATRIX” page.
    • The number of nodes selected in the tree is now shown on the status bars of the “CRUD2”, “All Flowcharts”, and “All Call Trees” tabs.


  • Core
    • ClearSQL no longer hangs on selecting a large project (e.g. 7500 objects) for analysis.