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ClearSQL 6.9 is a code review and quality control tool for Oracle PL/SQL. With the ClearSQL's code review feature you get recommendations for a better coding style and check for error-prone places in your project. ClearSQL 6.9 generates a series of industry standard quality control metrics about PL/SQL source code to help you to identify potential problems in the development and maintenance of your software and to fine-tune your software development process.

  • detects code errors, code review, rule violations, and other PL/SQL code anomalies
  • creates detailed Code Metrics reports from PL/SQL (Cyclomatic Complexity [McCabe v(G)], Halstead Volume, Maintainability Index, etc.)
  • documents PL/SQL via „clickable” HTML reports
  • illustrates code by means of Flowcharts, Call Tree diagrams, and CRUD matrices
  • analyzes Oracle Forms and PL/SQL libraries (v.6 – v.11)
  • monitors code complexity trends during development cycles to improve maintainability
  • and much more…

ClearDB Documenter 4.7 automatically produces database documentation — Docu — directly from an Oracle database instance (up to 12c) in order to ease maintenance and, more generally, deliver usable knowledge about an existing system. It provides a very easy way to document all Oracle databases that a user manages and to create a new version of the documentation whenever any database changes are made.

  • checks naming conventions of 59 database object types
  • compares two Docus or a Docu with its source Database, generating a detailed Docu Comparison Report
  • performs a comprehensive and detailed Database Security Audit of an Oracle database
  • illustrates PL/SQL code and databases by means of Flowcharts, Call Tree, ER, and R&D diagrams, and CRUD matrices
  • generates a one page Docu Summary Report (beta) for multiple Docus (databases)
  • and much more…

SQLDetective 4.7 comprises 50 Tools and 31 database object wizards (soon to be 59 supporting 12c). It is a state of art development solution accelerating the development, the maintenance, and the administration of Oracle databases.

  • develops database objects using visual, intuitive, easy-to-use Object Editors
  • writes, debugs, and executes stored programs, triggers, and other objects using the Stored Program Editor
  • executes, analyzes, and formats SQL and PL/SQL statements
  • analyzes and creates Flowcharts and Call Tree diagrams of PL/SQL code using the embedded ClearSQL engine
  • compares Databases, Schemas, and Objects; displays the differences and generates scripts to synchronize
  • administers and monitors databases
  • and much more…